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Frequently Asked Questions: Raymond LaManna HR Consulting
October 8, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Raymond LaManna has contributed to the growth of some of America's most successful companies. Across a variety of industries, Ray has used his supervisory and management coaching and general human resources consulting skills and experience to help business owners big and small.

Why should I work with Raymond LaManna?

Raymond LaManna is highly experienced, reliable, and is known to be a well-liked and trusted business partner for companies across numerous industries. His educational background and impressive resume empower the reviews given by his current and former collaborators.

With his advanced degrees in theology, psychology and adult education, his role as a conference speaker, and his involvement with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) as national chairperson of the Management Practices committee, Mr. LaManna has proved to be a valuable contributor to the HR industry.

What range of services are offered?

Raymond LaManna is highly experienced in providing HR Consulting to businesses of all industries.

Do you struggle with managing your employees? Mr. LaManna offers coaching on how to empower, motivate, and train your employees, new and experienced. He understands the importance of establishing effective streams of communication from employees of every department.

Mr. LaManna can also help with important issues such as sexual harassment prevention, dealing with difficult clients and collaborators, developing confrontation skills, and conducting difficult conversations. For more information on the services Mr. LaManna can provide, please explore our services page or contact us for more information.

Are Ray's services customizable to the needs of my business?

Given Ray's diverse portfolio, he can provide services that are completely customizable to the needs of you and your business. If you feel you're thriving in some areas and lacking in others, Mr. LaManna will tailor your experience to ensure that the proper areas of your business are being targeted and addressed.

Is there a limitation to what companies Ray LaManna can work with?

No. Ray is happy to work with companies across different industries. His expertise and decades of experience have allowed him to work with a wide variety of clients. This includes, but isn't limited to:

• Cass Hotel

• The Plaza Hotel

• NOBU Restaurants, Inc.

• Buffalo Wild Wings

• Brooklyn/Queens Catholic Charities

• Syska Hennessy Engineering Group

• Pisacano Eye Surgery

• Rusk Renovations

• Covenant House

Can Raymond LaManna help with the hiring process?

Absolutely. One of the specialties of Mr. LaManna's HR consulting work is hiring. This includes how to construct high-quality job descriptions, how to recruit interviewees effectively and efficiently, how to conduct interviews, and how to determine the candidates with the best qualifications for you and your business.

With Mr. LaManna's assistance, the hiring process is simple, efficient, and will leave you with all the skills you need to conduct the process on your own thereafter if you so choose.

Does my business need Raymond LaManna's services?

Any business can benefit from collaboration with Raymond LaManna's HR Consulting, especially given his diverse portfolio and adaptable skillset. When you work with Mr. LaManna, you gain a friendly, reliable, and highly qualified business partner. He can provide coaching services for essentially every corner of your business, and help you develop a strategic plan to improve in all things HR.

Why should I work with Raymond LaManna over hiring an in-office HR employee?

There are several benefits to hiring a private HR coach and consultant. Oftentimes, HR employees may not be experienced in all the fields that you and your business need to grow. As an example, they may be knowledgable about employee training, but not about the hiring process. Or they may be experienced with handling difficult clients, but not in regards to conducting sexual harassment seminars and prevention. You must have a consultant who can provide you with all the services you require, rather than potentially providing you with expertise that may not be relevant to your concerns.

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