Thoughts and ideas from RAYMOND T. LaMANNA SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Strategic Human Resources and Planning Services from Raymond T. LaManna
September 4, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Human resources planning and management require a deft touch. Times change, as do businesses and their current and potential employees. When your organization determines that the time has come for human resources help, reach out to me, Raymond T. LaManna.

Many of America’s most well-known corporations and non-profits have used my depth of experience to recruit, hire, and train. My assistance has helped organizations across the country, including Wells Fargo, Catholic Charities, and others, bring more efficiency and effectiveness to both managerial and workforce development.

Recruitment and Hiring

These tasks represent a true investment of resources. It takes significant amounts of time and work to recruit a strong pool of employment candidates, then more time to sift through the possibilities and hire the best available.

You should consider this an investment because it involves risk, regardless of how much effort involved. Working with my consulting and coaching firm helps to minimize the risk by introducing proven techniques that can guide any organization from the start to the finish of the hiring process.

My recruitment and hiring services include, but are not limited to:

• Writing job descriptions that get responses

• Using social media to boost recruiting

• Conducting interviews that get the best results

I can help you get better hiring results either through a consulting or a coaching format.

Employee Management

Once you have hired, the next step lies in employee management. The old way of thinking says that you hire an employee and let him or her learn the job. After a while, the employee either “gets it” or gets let go.

Remember that when you have to part ways from an employee, regardless of the reason, you have lost a critical investment. Better employee management can reduce the probability of the job not working out.

I work with organizations to make them more effective employee managers who do a better job of developing talent in those whom they hire. Often, an employee’s unsuccessful experience is the result of failures on both the employee and employer’s part.

I also work with managers to head off personnel problems before they start through such programs as sexual harassment training.

Employee management requires excellent people skills. I work with companies to develop better communications and relationships between managers and employees.

Confrontation and De-escalation

All managers, no matter what level of experience, can benefit from training on how to conduct difficult and awkward conversations with employees.

Employers rarely consider that they may have to ask employees to pay more attention to personal hygiene, dress more professionally, or share fewer details about their off-time life at work. These situations do arise and I can help to prepare you for their inevitable emergence.

No matter how effective the communication, however, sometimes confrontations occur. I teach strategies on de-escalating conflict to prevent volatile situations from getting more harmful to the workplace environment.

Creating Effective Managers

We must all understand that a great workforce starts with developing top-quality managers. They train, administer, and problem solve on a daily basis. Employee problems often reach them first, so managers need extra training on how to handle issues when they arise. Not every manager has an intuitive talent for handling employee challenges, but everyone can learn techniques for overcoming them.

You need to minimize your personnel risks and achieve better results. Reach out today to learn more about how I can help you manage the daunting field of strategic human resources management and planning.