Interviewing Training Consulting: Myth v. Fact

In today's business environment, managing human resources has grown more challenging than ever. Rising to these challenges consumes staff time and organizational energy, as well as money. 

One of the most important skills in hiring is interviewing. Getting the best possible new hire requires applying questioning skills that elicit helpful responses. Effective results come from understanding how to use the right techniques to get the answers that you need.

Interviewees naturally want to put the best possible face forward. Great interviewers know how to get behind the facade and learn the truth about the candidate's capabilities.

Unfortunately, myths are still holding some back. Companies hesitate to use the resources available from an interviewing training consultant. 

Let's separate these myths from the valuable facts, to give you a clearer picture of how consultation can help your business.

Myth: Outsiders Cannot Provide Help in Developing Interview Skills

Business owners have the most intimate and detailed knowledge of their own business and organizational culture. Many come to the conclusion that they should rely entirely on their experience and judgement when it comes to interviewing.

They reason that, since no one else understands their company as well as they do, they don't need help with interview or hiring skills.

Fact: Skills Training Allows Owners to Apply Experience Effectively

Interview training consultants respect a business owner's knowledge of the company and culture. They do not challenge internal expertise on these matters.

Our interview training focus on using your company experience to conduct effective interviewing. We provide techniques for asking questions and starting conversations that draw forth answers to help you determine whether or not to hire. 

An owner can take the skills learned and customize them for each interview session.

This way, you can make the most of your limited time with the applicant and make a more informed choice.

Myth: They Will Cost Too Much Money

Too many believe that professional consulting services cost too much. They consistently underestimate the value of such training when comparing costs and benefits. With a number of small and medium sized businesses trying to get by with slim profit margins, many decide that spending more money makes little sense. 

In essence, they do not believe that interview training consultation gives them sufficient returns to warrant the cost of training.

The opposite is almost always true.

Fact: Consultants Often Save Money

Mistakes create huge costs in hiring. Conducting a proper interview will minimize the risks of a bad decision. As Forbes explains, hiring the wrong person can affect productivity, team chemistry, and other vital parts of your business function

Using interview training will reduce the risk of making a choice that could cost your organization thousands. You can better evaluate candidates and make a sure hire. Human resources consultants help in other ways as well

They can incorporate the latest training in workplace safety, sexual harassment avoidance, and other key areas where a lawsuit could ruin a company’s finances and reputation.

Finally, consultants can also look at processes in place and identify areas that could work more efficiently. 

While hiring a consultant may require up front cost, the benefits from their work almost always save the company money in the long run.

Myth: Consultants Won’t Provide Customized Solutions

Many business owners wrongly fear that a consulting company provides only an "off the peg, one-size-fits-all service.

Owners may also hold the belief that a consultant’s lack of experience in the company’s internal culture will prevent them from creating truly useful, personalized solutions.

Fact: Consultants Must Work Flexibly

No consulting firm can survive for long if it is offering the same solutions and ideas to every client. Consultants such as Raymond LaManna apply years of experience in solving organizational problems to each and every company they work with.

Each company has unique issues and needs from gaining interview skills to hands on help with human resources. Experienced and professional consultants understand that they also need individual solutions. They communicate with the company and its staff to ascertain needs, then work with the leadership team to develop effective solutions

Reach out today to learn more about the broad range of consulting services offered by Raymond LaManna. Our staff can answer any questions about our services or set you up with a consultation. 

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