Save Your Business: How Interviewing Can Make or Break Your Company

The importance of an effective interview and how you can achieve this goal with a little help

Much like one bad apple can spoil a whole barrel, one bad employee has the potential to spoil an entire business

Every business owner wants to ensure that they hire the best people for the job, but what happens when you don’t? Besides the obvious frustration, hiring the wrong employee can potentially lead to low employee morale, significant drains on time and funds, and risking your business’s hard-earned reputation. As you can see, there is truth behind the idea that a business is only as good as its employees.

How, then, can you avoid these negative outcomes? Simple - you can learn how to conduct an effective interview and become a better interviewer. As a highly experienced human resources manager, teacher, and consultant, I – Ray LaManna – can help you achieve this goal.

Common Interviewing Mistakes

As someone who has worked extensively in the human resources field, I see a variety of hiring and interviewing practices. These common mistakes, however, could be the difference between hiring that star employee or losing them to another business. Below are some common mistakes; knowing them is the first step to avoiding them.

1. Hiring based on first impression

Beware of falling into the trap of judging a book by its cover, or an interviewee by their appearance. It is easy to mistake a professional appearance for professionalism.

2. Neglecting diversity
Although it is natural to gravitate to candidates that resemble ourselves, avoid this common mistake. Remember, a diverse force of employees is more likely to succeed than one that shares common strengths and weaknesses.

3. Giving into pressure
Yes, time is ticking, and you need that employee now, but don’t settle for the first decent candidate you interview.

4. Waiting too long
On the opposite end of the spectrum, once you have found your ideal candidate, don’t make them wait to hear from you. It is tempting to continue to interview others but remember that your candidates are just as eager to be hired as you are to hire them.

The Importance of an Effective Interview

A truly effective interview will help you do more than find the right candidate for the job. While much can be gleaned from a resume, an interview will help you to fill in the blanks that resumes invariably have.

I know that an effective interview is more than an information session – it can be the life or death of a business. During a consultation, I can help you identify and implement best interview practices to ensure that you can conduct effective interviews whenever you desire. The ability to conduct an effective interview is a skill that will benefit you and your company for years to come.

Why Do I Need a Business Consultant?

With all the information available on the internet, you may be wondering if hiring a consultant is worth it.

While the internet, library, and other resources can offer advice, I can guarantee it will not be personalized to your situation. As a consultant I can work with you directly, addressing problems as they arise and offering you the best chance at future success.

About Ray LaManna

I am currently a Professor of Management at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College as well as a consultant for nonprofit and for-profit businesses. Teaching clients how to conduct an effective interview is only the beginning; my extensive experience working in Human Resources has prepared me to offer clients a variety of other services.

To discover what services will best fit your needs, feel free to contact me through my website.